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About Merveille Events

Merveille Events is a boutique design company focused on Wedding and Event floral designs. Founded in 2006, we offer design services, decor rentals and fabrication. Merveille has a team of partners that bring passion, creativity and attention to detail to each client.

Our Floral Design Team

Katie Hood

Katie started her career in floral design in 2001. Starting off in quaint mom & pop flower shops, she gradually defined her own style and creativity while working on the ultimate goal of running her own business. Through the years as her craft developed she has been given the opportunity to design for a broad range of clients while always dreaming of new ways to bring their designs to life. Katie is passionate about flowers & events and if she’s not working on that, you’ll find her hanging out with her English bulldogs while enjoying her coffee and Diet Dr. Pepper. 

Reagan Boitnott
Studio Manager

Reagan grew into the floral industry from an early age thanks to her mother, Katie Hood. She started helping Merveille as a freshman in high school and never looked back. She’s been a full time team member of Merveille since 2018 and is excited for the future. She married her high school sweetheart in 2019. In her free time she loves going to concerts and busting out her signature move- the robot. One day Reagan hopes to achieve all of the same goals her mother has in this industry.

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